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Addressing Vague IoT Security Concerns
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Addressing Vague IoT Security Concerns

Written By Stephanie Clarke Published Date Oct 10, 2019   The IoT (Internet of things) is an umbrella term we use to

Written By Stephanie Clarke
Published Date Oct 10, 2019


The IoT (Internet of things) is an umbrella term we use to describe the interconnected technological devices that are becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. When it comes to business, however, the IoT has become indispensable. The ability to store and share data across multiple devices instantaneously has become key to maximum productivity… but security concerns are holding us back from unlocking the true potential of the IoT. They shouldn’t be.

IoT Operational Assurance Should be Part of your Business

The IoT has grown exponentially in the last few years. In autumn of 2019, it was valued at some quarter of a billion dollars, with reports estimating it will double by 2021. These huge figures reflect the importance it now has in the business world. Operational assurance of your IoT devices and systems ought to be protected as part of your business model. Data scandals cost money and impact your reputation for the worse.

As the IoT evolves so too does our need to protect both our devices and our data. The key elements you need to consider to secure operational assurance of your IoT devices are:

  • Do you have statically configured administrative accounts? If users are allowed to set these up and neglect them then these are security risks.
  • Can your files be accessed through the Cloud or another internet service? If so, extra security measures must be taken.
  • Do you roll out your own patches and updates? Is your service automated? What are the risks of either option?

To find out more about the key elements involved in protecting the security of your business devices you can see this piece, by Security Week.

Addressing IoT Operational Assurance Issues

A thorough examination of your systems and devices will identify areas that could be improved. Monitoring can reveal the following type of assurance problems that you can then solve:

  1. Anomalies – monitoring systems and devices for any irregularities in performance, security alerts, usage or other stand-out anomalies, is a good way to assure the operational integrity of your businesses IoT.
  2. IoT behavior – According to Forbes, recognizing the behavior of devices can help you to spot the aforementioned anomalies. If devices start to behave differently than they should then isolating, or quarantining, these devices are essential.
  3. Security Policies – Set up regular security policies that regulate the way your firm deals with data breaches, misbehaving or underperforming devices, and potential threats. Having a standard security policy will help to deal with any IoT security concerns you may have. Check out the lockboss locksmiths dublin.
  4. Computerize discovery and classification – by changing your accessibility and recognition settings you will be able to effectively monitor active and inactive users of your IoT. This will allow for closer monitoring and a healthier system.

Once Security Concerns are Dealt With, your Firm’s IoT can Progress

The growth of wireless connectivity and the rise in data breaches are not mutually exclusive of one another. What we can say is that effective management of devices and connectivity to your systems can protect your business. By preventing security concerns from being a viable excuse no to further invest in digital tech; we allow ourselves a comfortable platform upon which we can progress into the future.

Essentially, the proper monitoring and security of your IoT means you have removed any barriers to progress within your firm click this over here now. Arguably better than this, it prevents data breaches that can run into the thousands. Is your IoT safe? If not, then the time to secure it is right now.


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