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How to Thank People During the Holiday Season
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How to Thank People During the Holiday Season

The holidays are an ideal opportunity to mark the end of the year and show gratitude to those around you

The holidays are an ideal opportunity to mark the end of the year and show gratitude to those around you for the efforts they have put into the success of your business. Letting employees and clients know that their hard work and loyalty is appreciated has been shown to create a greater sense of well being and foster even stronger relationships. Here are a few tips you can use to effectively make this impression to positive impact.

  • Show Employees How Grateful You Are

Recognition of the good work that employees have done goes a long way in making them feel valued at their workplace. Studies have shown that this appreciation helps to improve staff retention and can inspire them to perform even better. You can express your gratefulness in words with a speech during the annual holiday party, or even distribute handwritten cards to each staff member with a personalized message.

  • Client Appreciation

The regular patronage that comes from loyal customers is often what can make a business a success. To encourage this loyalty and strengthen the bond, it is a good idea to pay special recognition to clients. Offering discounts during holiday shopping periods is much appreciated, as are deals for free service. If you have a healthy stock of company branded merchandise like t-shirts and pens, it can be a good time to offer them as giveaways at this time. Consider gift baskets and personalized cards for major clients.

  • Make Work From Home Policy More Relaxed

If your business can function with employees working remotely, consider making this option available to them. This approach is popular, particularly for those based in areas that suffer bad weather over the holidays, making commuting difficult. Be careful to apply this policy carefully so everyone gets a turn and does not affect other workmates’ workloads. Being a little more flexible on issues such as response time guidelines during this period will likely be appreciated by those who may find themselves with more to handle at home than usual.

  • Workplace Decorations

Just like at home, holiday decorations are great for creating a festive mood and making people feel more cheerful. It can be a bit of a downer to see other businesses and offices lit up while your own is dull. You can easily reuse decorations and find staff that would be happy to put the decorations for free. Not only does this make employees feel more at home, but it also creates a welcoming atmosphere for clients that walk in.

  • Merit-Based Bonuses

End of year bonuses are best based on merit, meaning the amount that each person gets will be based on such factors as the number of years worked in the company and job performance. This is a good way to show how their efforts have helped translate into better revenues and profits for the business. It allows them to share in this financial reward and want to work harder in the coming year for more of the same.

  • Create A Holiday Spirit

The holidays bring a special feeling to want to share in the good times. Besides decorating the office or business premises, you can also organize an end of year party that includes family members or arrange for secret Santa gift exchanges. Drawing staff into an activity that demonstrates the true holiday spirit, like setting aside a day they can do charity work can be very fulfilling. Feeding the homeless or visiting a children’s hospital are a few ways you can make your team feel good about themselves by doing good for others.


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