Policies And Permission

Please note that all material found on the MicroAgility.com/blog is protected by Copyright MicroAgility, Inc. – All rights reserved.

Link to articles/Blogs:

We encourage readers, bloggers, web publishers and organizations to link to any article or content posted on our website with our active link not just the URL, so that the readers/visitors can click directly to MicroAgility.com/blog. No permission is needed to provide such a link.
Online use of an Article/ Blog: 

Please link to our articles rather than reproduce them completely. If you must quote from an article in order to reference it, please provide a link to the article and only quote the relevant passages.
The main article and any editorial links within remain unchanged, unless you have written permission from us to change them.
We have provided our readers with free, e-mail-to-a-friend and social bookmarking/sharing tools found on each article/blog page. We encourage readers to use these to share our content as they please.

Reprint Guidelines:

Articles/blogs may be photocopied or reprinted free of charge under the following conditions.

  • The content is to be printed in its entirety.
  • Additions, deletions or changes in the text, title or illustrations may not be made.
  • Credit is given to MicroAgility, Inc. as the original source.
  • All content is copyrighted and must include the following copyright statement: “MicroAgility, Inc, All rights reserved”.
  • Short excerpts or citations from eligible MicroAgility.com/blog content may be used so long as no changes to the text are made and the information is credited to MicroAgility, Inc.

Please note:

Types of reuse that are not allowed:

  • Sold or redistributed for financial gain
  • Advertising or marketing materials
  • As part of a legal/court proceeding

Reprints Permission Request Form:

Please fill out the permission form with any special or specific reprint/online usage requests not covered in the guidelines above.