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What Does A Blockchain Consultant Do?

A blockchain consultant ensures that your company doesn’t waste time and money on solutions that aren’t a good fit. Blockchain consultants do research and design blockchain technologies among many other things.

A modern database technology known as blockchain is becoming increasingly popular among U.S. organizations as it has been around for the past 30 years or so. According to Deloitte’s 2020 Blockchain Trends research, over 86% of U.S. organizations have built or plan to develop blockchain teams by 2021.

Blockchain consultants are one of the many jobs created due to the technology’s rapid development. Working as a blockchain consultant is a fascinating career choice for those with Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree.

Blockchain consultants are valuable resources for the business due to their ability to integrate business and technical expertise. Most blockchain implementations have failed due to a lack of comprehensive yet affordable blockchain consulting. The right blockchain consultant will save you time and money by providing comprehensive services, from ideation to development to launch.

The number of people interested in investing in corporate blockchain is rising as the technology gains traction in the business world. Technology can improve corporate operations by increasing efficiency, transparency, and security. However, getting started in the right manner to reap the full benefits of the technology is a significant task. And that’s why you need to work with a blockchain advisor.

Blockchain Consulting

With the help of blockchain consulting companies, businesses may evaluate their needs and build a solution tailored to those needs. As a result, they’re the finest people to help you get started with blockchain implementation in your company. A blockchain consultant ensures that your company doesn’t waste time and money on solutions that aren’t a good fit for your company.

A blockchain consultant helps start-up blockchain companies to establish growth plans. They offer guidance on establishing and implementing important blockchain initiatives that can improve corporate efficiency. Consultants begin by assessing the potential impact of blockchain on a business and devising a strategy for putting it into action. They investigate plan requirements, identify potential problems, and participate in continuing discussions with business managers about finding solutions.

Integration of cloud services and prebuilt solutions are two examples of the technical responsibilities that go along with the position of blockchain consultant. To demonstrate the practicality of blockchain for the organization, consultants create a proof of concept (POC). Another crucial component of the job is supplying risk factors and risk management. Blockchain consultants can also provide legal advice on how corporations can manage their identities and finances while using blockchain technology.

Companies are scrambling to hire blockchain experts to help them take advantage of the technology’s potential because it is so new, and not everyone knows how to use it. Blockchain consultants and individuals with blockchain capabilities are in high demand as more companies realize the benefits of blockchain, such as reduced costs and increased decentralization, transparency, and security.

The ability to cut across different domains makes blockchain consulting unique and blockchain consultants such a valuable asset.

Blockchain Consultant Tasks

Here are some services you may expect from a knowledgeable and expert blockchain consultant.

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Research, Design, Develop, and Test Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain consultants do research and design blockchain technologies. They also develop and test it. Blockchain developers are focused on the technical aspects of blockchain technology, while blockchain consultants focus on both the technical and commercial aspects of the technology.

Research is a necessary part of developing a new product or service. Developers must first research the problem they are trying to solve before they can create an answer to the problem. The research may be performed in a laboratory setting or outside real-world conditions.

Translate Business Goals into Technology Roadmaps

Blockchain consultants translate business goals into technology roadmaps. The consultant then suggests solutions to such problems as ensuring the technology can be used by various organizations. The solutions will help determine appropriate blockchain technology and solutions to improve productivity, user experiences, and sustainability.

Develop a Strategy for Implementation with the Client

Blockchain consultants develop a strategy for implementation with the client. Their goal is to ensure that the solution implemented is clear and concise so it can be communicated to both the client and development team members.

Identifying Use-Cases with ROI Impact

To ensure that blockchain development efforts are successful, the consultant identifies use-cases with ROI impact. The blockchain consultant will also create a detailed plan to help business managers determine the technologies and resources needed for success. Once the use-case has been designed, they can determine how they can apply blockchain technology to achieve positive ROI results.

Build Custom and Scalable Enterprise-Grade Distributed Systems

Blockchain consultants build custom and scalable enterprise-grade distributed systems across various applications. They focus on understanding and outlining the requirements for specific use cases. They also pay close attention to security, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and simplicity.

Identify the Right Blockchain Protocol

Blockchain consultants identify the right one for their clients. They will also work with developers to create a POC for the clients to use to test, adjust, and improve their blockchain strategy.

Benefits of Hiring Blockchain Consulting Services

Depending on the size and scope of your company, there are various benefits you can expect from hiring a blockchain consultant. These include:

Knowledge of Distributed Networks

Blockchain consultants understand distributed networks, where processes are spread across several locations. This helps the company use blockchain technology to create a more efficient work environment. MicroAgility provides highly skilled blockchain consultants that can help companies with their blockchain strategies.

Our experts will also help you determine the best ways to implement enterprise blockchain solutions in your organization. They can assess your current needs and make adjustments so you can adapt to changing market conditions.

Dedicated Team

Blockchain consulting companies can bring together a dedicated team that will cater to all the essentials of your blockchain implementation project from start to finish. In a dedicated team model, the client has the most flexibility, as it can change the scope of work and pays the price per person in the dedicated team. More people in the team mean higher costs. MicroAgility provides fully cross-functional teams that work just like full-time in-house teams. MicroAgility dedicated blockchain teams consist of diverse talent, including:

  • Project Managers/Scrum Masters

    with extensive and hands-on expertise in Blockchain projects.

  • Business Analysts

    will help you recommend ideal business requirements for blockchain solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Software Engineers and Solution Architects

    to help build a custom architecture of blockchain solutions for your business

  • UX Designers

    to design user-friendly, state-of-the-art digital interfaces for your blockchain platforms and applications.

  • Blockchain Developers/Quality Engineers

    to develop customized blockchain applications and platforms.

Cost-Effective Solution

Blockchain consulting services are one of the most cost-effective solutions compared with people working full time. There is no need to hire blockchain consultants permanently. Implementing a Pay-Per-Service viewpoint, choosing to work with blockchain consulting companies is more cost-effective in the long run. To further save operational costs and meet project goals within time and budget constraints, MicroAgility also provides ready-to-hire offshore talent.

Train Your Teams

Blockchain consulting can also enable your teams to become better blockchain developers. A key component to creating an enterprise blockchain solution strategy is bridging the gap between your company’s business goals and the technology required. They can train your teams on decentralized networks, immutability, security, scalability, and more.

Knowledge of The Latest Market Trends

Blockchain consultants know them because they constantly learn and share what they learn with their clients. Blockchain consulting is also a way to acquire new skills and gain a competitive advantage. Building a competitive advantage with your company can make you more profitable, which is something that your clients can see and understand.

One benefit of hiring blockchain consultants is that you will not have to do all this work alone. This is why MicroAgility offers various consulting services related to blockchain technology, including creating a strategy for blockchain application in your company and developing enterprise-grade blockchain applications.

Identifying Needs and Solutions

A professional is in the best position to recognize a problem and propose a solution in any industry. If you think your organization could profit from a blockchain-based solution and would like to know how to implement blockchain, you should consult an expert in the field to get started. With this, business professionals can evaluate your situation and propose to you.

Many businesses across various industries are already using blockchain to solve problems and improve business operations. However, if you have the right consulting, you can reap the benefits of a blockchain solution only if you can identify the problem and how it can be solved.

Guaranteed Successful Implementation

A professional organization can ensure businesses’ smooth adoption of blockchain technology solutions. This is because they already understand the complexities of the technology and have had enough experience dealing with the issues it presents. Because of this, they are well-versed in how to implement blockchain in each industry and business size.

It doesn’t matter how complex your business needs are or how many steps you need to take to integrate the technology successfully. Your blockchain consulting team will guide you through the procedure step by step. A basic idea, a business assessment, implementation, and support will give you the direction you need. They will easily guide you through any obstacles you may encounter because they are already familiar with the blockchain sector.

How to Choose a Blockchain Consulting Company

Before you try to hire a blockchain technology consulting company, you must know how to choose a company. Here are some things to keep in mind

Blockchain Consulting Companies

  • Portfolio, Past Projects, and Reputation

    You can visit various blockchain consulting company websites and see some of their previous projects. This will give you an idea of what type of work you could expect from their company and the types of skills they have. Examples include the topics they worked on, descriptions and information about each project, the year the project was done, and the type of clients they worked with. Reviews are also available, which can help you better understand why a blockchain consulting company has been successful. Internally developed blockchain applications often receive better reviews than those meant for clients from outside companies.
    MicroAgilty has years of experience creating custom and enterprise blockchain solutions in various industries, which is why we value reviews that can help you choose the right blockchain consulting company.

  • Available Talent Pool

    Before hiring a blockchain consulting company for your project, you must ensure the talent pool is available. You can achieve this by ensuring that the hiring manager knows what type of people they are looking for and some of their required skills. If there isn’t enough blockchain talent available in your area, hiring a global consulting company with a talented pool of applicants might be better. MicroAgility works with some of the top blockchain developers in the world and can help you find the right talent pool for your project.

  • Cost of Service

    The other thing to consider before hiring blockchain consulting companies is the service cost. You will want to check the average price for blockchain consulting services. You can do this by contacting various blockchain companies or going online and reading reviews from potential clients. MicroAgility offers an array of consultancy services for a reasonable price, which is why we can gain the trust of our clients.

  • Accessibility and Consultants’ Availability

    You should also consider how accessible your consultants will be during the project. You will want to make sure they can contact you at all times. Many blockchain consulting companies provide online chat services and contact numbers, which is how you can reach them most easily. Our experts on the blockchain are ready to work with you. They will be available for consultation and ready to discuss the project with you whenever you need help.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when trying to choose a blockchain consulting company. It’s important that you feel your blockchain consultant will be a good fit for your project and your company, based on what they’ve done and what they can do for your company in the future.

MicroAgility has years of experience working with diverse clients, so we understand what it takes to become a renowned blockchain consulting company. We know how to help you create a plan for blockchain growth that will make your company more profitable and scalable. Generally, the primary goal of a blockchain consultant is to generate new business for the organization and growth for their clients.


In conclusion, blockchain technology is reshaping the digital world, and blockchain consultants are the link between your company’s goals and the new technology needed to achieve them. It is an important part of the future. With blockchain consulting companies and global blockchain developers, you will be able to turn your company into a competitive advantage and make your customers happy.

There are many factors to consider while hiring a blockchain consulting company, including past projects, available talent pool, service price, and accessibility. Blockchain consulting companies have been creating solutions for their clients since the inception of blockchain technology.

A blockchain Consultant can optimize your business using blockchain technology. Blockchain consultants are the right experts offering valuable suggestions on implementing blockchain technology in your organization. MicroAgility blockchain consultants have a broader knowledge of technology and a deeper understanding of evaluating specific business needs and developing a fitting solution. Our consultants ensure that your business does not end up spending time and resources on solutions that are not viable. MicroAgility consultants are experts in incorporating complex implementation management, third-party integration, and the custom coding for each solution, ensuring that these solutions fit into the existing systems to meet future demand.

The goal is to help you realize your business’s potential through new decentralized networks that offer transparency and immutability. Collaborating with us will help you access the technical expertise of well-regarded blockchain developers. MicroAgility’s experienced blockchain consultants are ready to help you create a custom solution for your project. And if you’re looking for a new way to manage your transactions, look no further than MicroAgility. Contact us today!


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