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Turning Failure into Success
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Turning Failure into Success

Written By Al Abbas Published Date Jan 25′ 2018 “Some of the best lessons we ever learn are learned from

Written By Al Abbas
Published Date Jan 25′ 2018

Some of the best lessons we ever learn are learned from past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future“ – Dale Turner

The fear of failure is a powerful driving force in our personal and business ventures. It is often this very fear that becomes our biggest obstacle on the path to success. But failure can be powerful too, if we use it to improve our ultimate outcome, rather than allowing it leave us unmotivated and without confidence. Human nature makes us embarrassed in the face of disappointment, feeling mortified if we don’t accomplish something correctly. With a different point of view, however, failure can actually boost both our confidence and our skills.

Looking at failure as an opportunity to recognize our weaknesses can unlock powerful potential for improving ourselves and leading to increased success. A part of life and most certainly a part of business, failure is also a key component of our success.

The sooner we begin to view failure as an opportunity rather than a source of embarrassment, the sooner we will turn it into a tool for success. Here are some points of focus to help.

   1. Use Your Mistakes

Once you can distinguish your mistakes, you will be able to learn from them. Everyone has encountered disappointment; they key is turning disappointments into lessons. Every mistake has potential for development. Once you figure out how to fail well, you will be able to extract ways to avoid such failures in the future and figuring out better approaches for success.

   2. Importance of Self-Perception

How you see yourself becomes who you are. It’s easy to feel unmotivated or discouraged after a failure, but it’s important to keep those feelings at bay and not allow failure to get you down on yourself. A common saying to remember in times such as this is, “When you believe you can do it, you are half way through it”. Believe in yourself, even in the face of failure, and you will become stronger and more motivated on your next try.

   3. Better to Be Something Than Nothing

The worst failure of all is to do nothing. If you are perfect at nothing but good at something, that means you are trying and not giving up on your goals. True failure would be to try nothing at all. So keep at it. It’s always better to do something, as doing nothing is a true roadblock to success.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretsky

   4. Consistent Efforts

Success doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from doing the things you thought you couldn’t do. This is where failure can be a real motivator.  Don’t let failure stop you use it instead to try again and get closer to your goals of success. With each try you will learn different approaches and skills to get you closer to your goal. Stay consistent in your efforts, even if there are failures along the way. In the end, what you do each day matters more than what you do occasionally. Consistency is critical to progress and success.

   5. Fear is The Worst Enemy

Failure itself is not as dangerous as fear of failure is. Failure helps us recognize our mistakes and improve our approach. But fear of failure often stops us from even trying. If we allow fear to take our strength and confidence from us, we begin to over think and stop trying. So let yourself fall, just figure out how to clean yourself off and get up try again.

   6. Never Let Your Mistakes Define You

We all make mistakes, but how we get over those mistakes is what matters most. It’s important to recognize that failure from past mistakes were learning experiences. Our future has the potential to be even better than we envision, so it’s best to own up to your mistakes and keep a positive outlook. Your mistakes do not define you. Let them be your ladder, not your destination.


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Al Abbas

Al as a Client’s specialist at MicroAgility been establishing strategic partnerships with C-Level Executives, VP's, Project / Program Directors and IT Managers in multiple industry segments for number of years. He helps clients by partnering with them in building ideal result-oriented teams for their IT projects execution. As a regular contributor to iAgility Blog he shares insights and trends of IT consulting industry.

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