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Get Things Right_ 10 Tips to Start a Successful Year
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Get Things Right: 10 Tips to Start a Successful Year

The majority of us prepare New Year resolutions to be more competitive and successful in our personal and professional lives.

The majority of us prepare New Year resolutions to be more competitive and successful in our personal and professional lives. As the end of the year approaches and we evaluate the past year, it is of prime importance to think about the coming one.

The Holiday Season starts at a perfect time to not only helps us to take a pause and cherish some time with friends and family but also provides an opportunity to set some priorities and plan the activities for the coming year. I think the best way to embrace the New Year is to be well prepared for it with a clear mind and a clear set of objectives.

Here are few ways/tips to ensure your coming year is more productive and full of success.

1. Review Last year

Time teach us a lot of lessons. Before rushing towards the New Year with a new set of targets and plans, it is of sheer importance to look back at the past year. The pending resolutions, unfulfilled objectives, or other things which didn’t come out as expected. Strategize accordingly to adjust the pending resolutions to new set of targets with a different execution plan or completely replace them with new resolutions.

Also, consider the positives from the last year and make a plan to maintain those aspects this year as well. Capitalize on your good experiences and prepare a summary of lessons learned from the mistakes. If you get this step right, you’ve already laid a strong foundation for a successful coming year.

 2. Plan to stay on the top of your health

Doing exercise, meditation, yoga, and other fitness routines are very important for a healthy mind and lifestyle. Now it is time to be more on a controlling side of your health and body like supplements. You should know how much sodium is in your body and what is the ideal level? Same goes with uric acid, potassium level, etc. A slight increase or decrease don’t affect much but figures should be within desired ranges. Your nutritionist can best guide you which things to cut or add in your diet to attain desired levels.

Install some health apps in your phone to stay updated on your heart rate, daily activity summary, and logs. Set smart goals now which are to be executed on the monthly basis. This would help you understand more about your body and health status.
3. Plan to stay updated on the relevant news

We are living in times where there is not lack of information but perhaps too much information. There are lots of sources we’ve subscribed and our feeds are often cluttered with un-necessary information which is a waste of time. Review all your subscribed channels and trim them according to your relevant interests. This activity will help you throughout the year to remain updated on the news that matters to you.It is also the time to categorically join some new forums and subscribe to new sources as per your relevant interests. You may want to consider subscribing to iAgility and/or MicroAgility

4. Revisit your reading list for the next year
Reading plays a very important role in one’s life. Books are the reflections of peoples’ experiences, ideas, insights,   and imaginations. This is the right time to revisit your reading list or create one for the coming year. Follow the topics most relevant to you and prepare the list of books/publications that have superior ratings. Set a   target for yourself and complete those books/publications in the coming year. 

5. Set a target of adding/learning a new skill set

Improve your capabilities by learning more. If it is not possible to pursue a complete course or degree, there could be an enrollment in an online workshop of a desired skill set, a certification in the relevant field, or even a new language course.

These slight advancements would help you to not only be more competent but help your profile to be more prevalent. This is not only about increasing knowledge but enhancing your exposure.

6. Plan all the mandatory family/friends event/trips

Family fun is mandatory. Spending time with loved ones and the ones we care about is the point where all the hard work and efforts start to fall into perspective.

Discuss with your family or friends to explore world destinations. Depending upon your available time-off next year, start planning out your next trip. You’ll find a lot of information online and reviews from traveler’s community that would help you to enjoy and get the most out of your next trip.

Just scroll through the calendar and mark dates of birthdays, anniversaries, or any other upcoming ceremony/event within friends/family circle. Understandably, we cannot attend each one of them but you can aim for few by planning out to make an appearance at the specified dates.

7. Zoom-out and revisit your job/business objectives

Last quarter of every year is very conclusive. While we are busy in fulfilling targets and setting goals, it is the best time to re-assess and ensure whether your job or business heading in right direction. The success of the coming year is associated with your clarity in career goals. Redefine, revamp, and simplify where necessary so that your professional objectives should make perfect sense to you.

If everything is already pretty much cleared, just revisit objectives and move on.

8. Plan ways to be more environmental friendly

Planet Earth is our home. While technological advancements are making our lives easier and better there is an alarming need to consider environmental friendly aspect. We care and follow steps to save environment from pollution etc. But in today’s world this is not just any other issue, it is one of survival. It cannot be handled by following some steps but to include the aspect of environment in our every decision.

Conserving power, recycling, switch to eco-friendly hybrid vehicles or even walk more to prevent carbon emissions by driving less, use recyclable paper, and lots of other ways. These are not special steps we have to take to save the environment, we have to adopt an environmental friendly way to conduct our daily lives. .

Success has a different meaning for everyone. But if we play our role in saving environment and as a whole united mankind able to save the purity of nature for future generations, it’s a great success to have.

9. Plan ways to know more about yourself and your purpose

The big misconception is that we know everything about ourselves. You’ll be surprised to know that we are much more than we consider ourselves and have some unique hidden talents, which we never intend to explore. It’s the time to start exploring more. Challenge yourself to plan out the ways to keep experimenting throughout the year at various intervals.


Another phenomenon which is closely associated with knowing more about ourselves is the question which keeps hovering in our minds about the purpose of our being here. It is the best time to find some answers and plan steps to reach at a conclusion of your purpose if not for the rest of life but at least for the coming year.

If you are financially healthy, plan ways to help and facilitate those that are not. If you are successful in your career, hire young talent in order to train the next generation into achieving success.

If you have a great educational background, mentor those in need of guidance through coaching/teaching. If you have a great following or you’re an influence, share your insights regarding ways through various forums to ensure a positive influence to your audience.

You could be an expert of anything, and it is our duty to share and help the ones in need. In the grand scheme of things, we all have some purpose. It’s just to be explored and executed by us.

Start getting to know yourself and your purpose in life. That will open new horizons and this whole experience would be very enlightening for you.

10. Visualize your Successful Year

Visuals have more impact than mere thoughts. There are theories as to how it works: by being able to paint a concrete picture of what success looks like to you, it becomes less abstract and more attainable to you. Just visualize, imagine yourself having achieved all your set objectives and your year has been the most successful. You have accomplished all the milestones that you’ve set for your personal and professional life. These glimpses, once visualized, will remain in your memory throughout the year and will keep you motivated. There will be no looking back.

It’s a great activity to increase faith in yourself. So keep visualizing and reminding yourself that this is possible.

These are some tips/ways to help you get started a journey of a successful year. I hope you find them helpful and apply them in your agendas for coming year. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan is the President at MicroAgility and has over three decades of management and consulting experience. He leads the efforts in many projects including operational improvements, cost reduction, and managing growth. Sajid strives to help others succeed and to create opportunities that are sustainable and uplifting for humanity — always guided by the virtues of hard work, quality, and kindness

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